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2003, by patty

My tears are real
Though you cannot know
I'm keeping it light
Pretending they're show

You cuddled me close
After spanking me sound
It started out firm
And ended profound

I tested the line
Though not so you'll know
I held back the truth
Then went with the flow

Remind me to see
That temper won't fly
You may never know
That's not why I cry

What if I shared
These deepest of fears
The real honest crimes
That pump up these tears

Could you forgive
The lies I have told
Can we get past
The secrets I hold

You carry the weight
Of spanking for us
So I can hide
That it's in my lust

I even pretend
You do it to me
Spank my behavior
Like will isn't free

I want you to know
My heart is not pure
When I give in to you
There's lust in the lure

You let me be safe
And carry the weight
Of a kink that we share
While I play it straight

My tears are false
Though real as they show
I'm so desperate now
To let the truth go.

Kiss my Ass?
Not like that!

Hurts does it?
Don't say you weren't warned
Now we'll see what tune you sing
But I said I was sorry!