Serious Peoms

a poem on a more pensive note












Distractions ...

by patty copyright 2004

Your strong hand
Adept and firm
Turns the page
It makes me squirm

Your firm brow
Dark and stern
Studies the page
It makes me yearn

Your hard lap
Lean and strong
Holds the book
It makes me long

Your straight jaw
Set just so
Chews the words
It makes me glow

I watch you
Doing simple things
And loose my mind
To lustful rings

Hands that hold
The book you read
Sting my dreams
My spanking need

Brow and jaw
That study so
Invade my thoughts
Their scold I know

Will you smile
If I intrude
And invite you
Into interlude

Iíve been bad
Good husband dear
You should spank
My naughty rear

Take my panties
Down for me
And bend me oíre
Your lean firm knee

Sting my bottom
With that hand
That stole my thoughts
And forced this stand

Make me struggle
And regret
My errant ways
That so upset

Punish me
By spanking sound
My bottom hot
Red cheeks so round

Keep me there
Across your knee
Spank me hard
And make me plea

If my hands
Get in your way
Spank my thighs
I must obey

Make me beg
But hold your course
Spank me harder
To remorse

When itís yours
You lift me to
Cuddle close
While thanking you

So, do I dare
Move over there
With my bottom
White and bare?

Will you
Put that book away
And join me in
Some spanking play?

Watching you
Is hard you see
With these thoughts
Distracting me