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Two silly offerings for you


Come Here and say that.

2004, by patty

"Come here and say that!" she said.
Then she bonked him upside the head
He turned a quick stare
Then made her butt bare
And spanked her and put her to bed
Cranky and crabby she was
When asked why, she said "just because'
So her panties were dropped
And her bare bottom popped
Till a climax retracted her claws
Her bottom was craving some heat
So she set out to get her butt beat
But she found out that fire
Would come of his ire
Now she can't even sit on her seat
Pull down your panties my dear
It is past time I paddled your rear
You've acted the tease
And my temper needs ease
You won't sit for a week now I fear
There once was a nasty old fart
Who thought spanking a woman an art
He was right of course
And felt no remorse
For the bottoms he'd paddled right smart
The spankers who live in this land
Have gotten quite good with their hand
Warming bottoms so well
That other parts swell
And their partners just thing it is grand!



by patty, 2003

Here I sit on a living room chair
Wishing my bottom didn't have to be there
Punished and lonely I'm typing this now
He says I behaved like an ornery cow

Ouchie and sore each shuffle does sting
My hubby is good at this spanking thing
Spanking his wife when she gets out of line
He says in a day my butt will be fine

For now on this cushion there is no relief
My poor bottom feels the spanked woman's grief
Sitting is ouchie it's really the pitts
Just cause I told him to chew on dog tits!

My goodness my husband is testy today
He took it as rude instead of as play
So now my bruised bottom knows how he felt
If I'm not careful he says more will be delt

Nobody loves me my cheeks cry from low
I tell them be thankful you're not out on show
Yes sitting is better than bare on display
But best would be starting over this day

I sit here alone with sore buns to talk to
Yessir, I should have, thrown my left shoe
If I had done that my bum would hurt more
But his noggin would throb and also be sore

The spanking is done the check has been paid
My snotty mouth danced and partied and played
So here I sit here sadly, itchy and sore
My husband's palm has settled the score

When sitting is easy I might think of now
But will I the next time I'm tempted to rowe?
Probably not that's honestly true
But maybe the next time I WILL throw the shoe!



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