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     Not that I have a whole lot of insight or anything, but blogging is the neatest thing since sliced bread, and I did make my biggest splash on line with Creative Spanked Wife, my old blog.  When it closed at almost exactly one month shy of its 2 year anniversary it had reached some un equaled milestones.  More than 5,500,000 unique visitors clicked on links from somewhere and visited there. more that 6,000 comments were made, the blog ranked higher than all of the pay spanking sites on Alexa for hits, page loads and popularity and I made more friends than I ever believed possible. 

     I have no illusions that this new enterprise could ever recoup the readership or loyalty that Creative Spanked Wife had, to be honest that's not my goal this time.  I know that it's my artwork and writing that most readers want, so that is where my priorities will be directed.  Yes I will post short erotic explorations on the blog as I always have.

     Want to keep up with what's new here, or on Satin and Leather , the blog or the portal will keep you current

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