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Freshly bought and ready for carving

Carved and ready

Insertion of the freshly carved root is imminent

Figged and caned

Being caned or strapped with the root inside is quite an experience

Carving her own torment

imagine he's watching while she carves the object of her own torment ...

still life

Playing with submission

Figging and bondage....


The still life in color

Valentine Commission

One of the first ever drawings I attempted from a composite of photos sent to me by the woman who requested this drawing.

A Jugs Commission

I did a lot of work for a couple of paper CP publications for a while. This is one done for JUGs. Just us Girls Magazine. A F/F spanking magazine.

A cover for a Book

The titel of the book, Growing up in Southie, was another offort for CP publications.

JUGs Cover

This was fun to draw

Director Canes Actors

Another JUGS story illustraion


Older woman spanks girl

Monster paddle

Another Jugs story illustration

Pony girl

A real stretch for me. It was interesting


Another JUGS story illustration

The Orange Slip

An illustration done for A Coming Together issue

Public Humiliation

Another Comming Together issue illustration

Rains it Pours

An illustration done for a story in a Katrina Victims special issue of Coming Together

Sand and Sunset

Another Coming Together Issue Illustration. I particularly liked this story.

Wet Panties

Another Coming Together Illustration for a story by the same name.

Brand new

This is an illustration that will appear with the extra week whole story August 30 Update on Bethany's Woodshed. This is one illustration


The Book, this week's (Aug 30 2006) update at the Woodshed is a 5 chapter novella by Sullivan Clarke. This is one of three illustrations made for the update


Another illustration for The Book. The story is has a neat twist. A book seller who discovers a box of items. A discovery that weaves her via dreams and travels into the arms of her deepest desire....