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Over One Knee

The girl draped over his knee Was not expecting to be But like it or not Through tears and some snot His point she would surely see. Hope y’all like this new one. Happy Father’s day all you Dad’s

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There once was a gal who would cuss

And Lordy she could make a fuss But her guy was quite stern His hand very firm And now her bottom’s a muss. :)  another little sketch for y’all

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After a spanking

She stood in her room dancing with sensations… The dance of the spanked, After he has been thanked

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Owe! That stings

Stay still!  (drawn with permission from a photo posted in 2009 by my friend Doc Tsai)

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Bare Bottom

New art work for y’all.  (drawn with permission from photos posted in 2009 bt Doc Tsai)      

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Pants Down

The pants come down and nerves ramp up.  Bare bottom perches over sturdy thighs.  The hand that will soon spank the plump cheeks strokes with purpose. “Is it going to hurt?” “Isn’t a spanking supposed to hurt?” “Yes.” “Then why … Continue reading

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Cool New Widget

Here is my test of a new way to make viewing drawings by topic.  This 1st one is called OTK spnksigh Click it and when it pops up turn the book pages with the narrow arrows up top. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Harder Please

Another I & You Story is posted up above in the drop downs. Harder Please by patty     You kissed me and we coupled, sharing the deliberate pleasure of the beginning of a day started with sex. You lifted … Continue reading

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Big Bend

One of my 1st ever published stories is posted up under the drop down I & You that’s up there below the header drawing.  Big Bend:  Inspired by past life. …. I am seduced by this place, seduced by you. … Continue reading

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Spanked and Undaunted

Sitting by patty, Here I sit on a living room chair Wishing my bottom didn’t have to be there Punished and lonely I’m typing this now He says I behaved like an ornery cow Ouchie and sore each shuffle does … Continue reading

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