Finally able to log back in! Happy Spanktober!

Been unable to blog for a while, then other things like not being able to pay for my active site got in the way. What’s new? Lots.

Where to begin? Well I guess going forward makes the most sense.

Here comes October. Spanktober? Very well could be. We have a nice little getaway planned beginning the 11th through the 16th. A few hours away to a lovely secluded bed and breakfast and a private cabin we’ve stayed at before. I need the stress relief and he has promised to deliver some in the form of quality and firm OTK time. Overdue and needed I must admit. I asked for some serious reconning for some (he refers to them as) “ferny” episodes, he said he was more than ready to address them.

My kitties say hi. Cinnamon is 20 now, Scrapscallion is 4. Scrap has a new playmate, Coco Puff he’s 2 already. Well darn, I can’t upload images from this iPad.

It will take a while to bring this blog back to life. Slow and steady once again. New art, new writing, new life events and journeys…

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Oh yeah how did you celebrate your Spanksgiving?

Sorry about the delay folks.  I had password problems accessing this blog from my iPad.  My Gentleman and I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving that became Spanksgiving after we dined on this…

We had a Heritage turkey with wild rice stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, blended carrots and parsnips (something my dad called bubble and squeek) and asparagus.  Gentleman brought along his little companion, who also enjoyed some turkey – or as my friend so affectionately termed it pteradactyl.

Later as we watched a movie, the puppy became my very fluffy snuggle pillow during my spanking.  It was her first spanking experience and I must say that she took me have my rump roasted very well… so relaxed and cuddly.  Of course my mini toes served as supervisor for the whole event.

And behind her you can see the implement that was smacked into service still smoking from its recent use.

Having been remiss in keeping up my blog, I’m told I can expect another helping of rump roast in the not too distant future.

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Home bound

Well, good news 1st… I have time to write and little else for a while. Bad news 2nd… I’m home/bed bound for the next 7 days. My cold like illness turned out to be strep throat that kicked off pnuemonia. I talked my doc into clearing me to work this past Monday. I worked it only to find myself in serious pain and really dragging by the time I headed home. I changed clothes and laid down for a few minutes and found that I couldn’t walk when I tried to go pee. My right knee hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes every time I tried to walk. I had several bouts of shivers and chattering teethe over night, called in sick for Tuesday, and called my Doc as soon as the office opened. Saw him today. He admitted he thought I’d pressed too early to get back to work with only a week to recover once we knew I had pneumonia. I did feel well last Friday honest!

Discovery; my right knee, which I strained by slipping in the shower Sunday evening, and is already damaged by arthritis from years old gymnastic injuries and surgeries, had developed a huge effusion (a big swelling/fluid collection). Hence the pain when I tried to walk. Today the effusion was tapped, the equivalent of almost two cans of soda pop was drawn out of my joint. (420 cc). Oh my goodness, except for the yuck and short lived sharp ouch of having a large needle shoved under my knee cap, having that fluid removed from my joint has worked wonders in terms of pain control.

What’s left is waiting for results of the cultures. Tomorrow we should have preliminary result. If they’re positive, I’m going to hospital for several weeks of IV antibiotics, negative, I’m confined to rest until my Doc (not me, this time, decides I’m well).

What’s good about this? Well with nothing to do but wait… I can only wonder how ouchie my bad girl spanking is going to be, and try my best to put my idle mind to work giving that spanking to one or two or three of my favorite surrogates.

Feeling weak, a bit tired, and very bored. Going off to re-read some of my much neglected writings… Can’t mix up characters now v
Can I..

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Siri & stuff

Busy, busy, though today I was stationary. Got a cold type bug. Had my flu shot so I know it’s not flu might be strep throat. Hope not. Been playing with my iPad and enjoying iBook. Today my upgrade iPhone arrived and I was amazed to discover that all my coupon and other apps are already on it. Some of my contacts have to be entered, but surprise surprise the ones I use often loaded all by themselves. The novelty of a new toy has been a blessing while I have the achy bones headachy sore throaty blechs.

That said, my Gentleman is in the process of moving. I helped out a bit on Sunday, but won’t be much use for the next few days. I did find a non-freeway route between my place and his which I find to be a huge weight off my mind…. I just don’t do freeways well any more. My place to his 25 minutes my way, his place to mine 15 minutes his way… I get 10 extra minutes for zen, he gets semi trucks and speeders all the way. And the leaves are changing so zen gets a pretty boost these days.

Did you know that the new iPhone has an add in assistant called Siri? I asked her the meaning of life, she answered. I asked her to call my mother, she did. I asked her to call my Gentleman, she did. I asked her to search a medical calculations app that I have installed for a particular formula and she did. I asked her to take me to a satellite view of my mother’s home, my home and my Gentleman’s new home, guess what, she did. She even gave me a killer recipe for a roasted lamb loin. Only draw back so far,,,, no spanking apps out there that I’ve found, so Siri’s not helping my kinky life yet. She will though… I have faith. Siri, search please, Internet spanking blogs. Ok now I’m curious. I’ll have to check that one as soon as I post this.

Paul, George, Tom, I’m not ignoring your comments I promise. I’m having trouble navigating to the reply screens. I’m working on it….

Lots of spanking good life going on. A bad girl ferny spanking and another very ouchie over my slacks spanking transpired last week and the weekend before.

Oup, Sheesh, I just had a kittie knock over a tray of clams and dip, yummy treat for him = wrecked snack for me. Lololololol! My middle didn’t need the calories any way. He doesn’t want the clams though, he wants the garlic parmasean wings next to them. Well now the wings are safely away in the fridge and the clams that survived the fall on the plate are safely there too. Just a little mess to clean up on the floor after kitties lap up their spoils.

Oh yeah! Happy Halloween. Believe it or not I very easily could have totally missed this event this year. Once a huge day in my world… The birthday of my first love, a day that brings so many fun and special memories… So much is happening and so many changes are sweeping me along that I find I can’t sequester those moments I used to let swallow me up with sadness and loss right now. I’m sure I’ll have those moments again. This year though, everything about the season has been positive and sweet.

I’ve been promoted at work, gotten a raise, settled into a whole new part of the country, made so many new friends, heck I’ve even landed in a larger community with a rich and active kinky subculture (something I’ve never really explored before). And the Cards won the world series daring to let the fates take them out to a full 7 games.

Here comes Thanksgiving. Sigh….

So spank me.

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Nice days

Don’t you just love fall? I do. My co-workers didn’t like Chicago on Wednesday & Thursday, it was cool and rainy. I loved it. Mind you I’ve been living in humid hades for 20 plus years and last winter was a winter wonder for me. I love the cool weather, and trust me 40 degree F nights and 70 degree days is NOT cold, heck it’s not even sweater weather, it’s open your arms and welcome comfort with ordinary clothes on weather. Lolololololol!

Today was a heavenly day. The air was clear, the company was good. What more could any one need? Oh, ok, and the spanking was VERY firm. Seems I’ve been ferny lately, (letting my mind invent all kinds of reasons to be worried such that my worries bleed into/onto the plates of those close to me).

Even before my bottom paid for my moods today, my heart was light. I had a nap from 2 – 4 when I got home yesterday afternoon, slept from 8pm last night to 6am today. First good sleep I’ve had in weeks. Amazing the perspective that rest gives!

Once upon a time I would have said that only a sound spanking could cleanse my mind the way it cleared up today, but the truth is my mind was clear when I woke up, actually before I went to sleep last night. Spanking really helped reinforce that my mind’s in a good place. Better yet it helped me better appreciate the patience and goodness of the man who wields the paddle in my world.

Oh well. I’ve got Pages loaded on this iPAD so now I can do word processing. I’m keen to get some writing done. Got some work to do first.

Was gonna add a pic… Will have to do that later. The “hand” sandwich (kitties sandwiching the hand that spanks me) pic is on my pc & not accessible to this iPAD. Sigh… Well I’m not as free of my computer as I thought. I do like this light little toy though.

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Still here

Been busy. Things are less solitary. Spent the last two and a half days in Chicago on a trip for work. While away some things kinda crumbled and stuff hit the fan. Just uneccesary worries.

My Gentleman diligently took on pet duty for me. Very sweet of him dontcha think. Kitties are good all healthy again. Not much spanking going on over the last month, but I’m pretty sure that will change soon. Not because I’m bad or any thing, but just because it belongs when life’s cooperating. I’m looking forward to a new island of peace after these last weeks of worry.

Here comes Halloween. Canada just had Thanksgiving, the US will soon too, and then comes Christmas and New Years. T’is the season for good things. It’s also the season when flawed and ordinary people (me among them) let regrets haunt our sweet enriching memories, the result, we get sad – maudlin – weepy and that sickly sentimental that’s just annoying. The lonely’s are an inevitable sequel… Well I’ve got no real reason to be lonely lately, so sequel be gone!

Shopping this weekend … TV and other things. Spanking maybe? We’ll see.

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Life’s being life

Nothing to say other than hi.  It’s been a lonely month.

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He was surprised!

I chickened out of sharing my surprise until after we had our dinner… I sort of thought it might be just as fun if he found out after we got back home.  As it happens my computer was on and he read my post shortly after we came in. 

“So you had a surprise?

“I’m not telling.”

“I have ways to get it out of you.  Come on take them down.”

“But I don’t have to.”

That was a bit confusing, until I leaned over the chair arm and lifted my dress.  LOL!  He started to laugh and of course weilded the strap.  I had on a pair of these and nothing else under my demure crocheted white dress.

We both laughed.  Was he surprised?  I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect that.  The paddling that followed on this same whap channel, was accompanied by him humming a percussive rendition of “Preussens Gloriam.”

He repeated a couple of times that he couldn’t believe that I wandered around out in public and ate dinner with nothing on but bottomless hose.  He laugh when I mentioned that we spankos often like to wander around doing ordinary vanilla with secrets we know but nobody else does, like warmed butts…  He said “you little shit.”  When I asked if he liked the surprise, he said “Well yeah!” 

I liked it too.  *grin*  Happy anniversary Gentleman1951a.

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Here I am sitting on my desk chair, implements out ready for him to use when he arrives.  I have a surprise for him and I’m hoping he will like it and that before we go out to dinner he spanks me for even thinking about it.  It’ll be sorta special to go out to a nice restaurant with my bum seared and him knowing it is.  It’ll be quite sensual for me too in more ways than one.  I’ll share more later in the day.  *grin*

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This time a year ago…

Have any of you ever stopped at a moment in time (your lives) and wondered what this time next year would bring?  Well I have, and this time last year as I packed, I did just that.  Not for the first time & certainly not the last either.  This time last year, my muscles ached as I bundled up the few peices of my life that I could fit in my Jetta wagon.  In the morning I was going to pack my car load up my kitties and my life and move towards the next adventure in my life.  I’d wondered a year before last where I’d be at that moment (or at least figuratively in the year or so before, when I began to feel my security flaking away), and where I was this time last year as I took steps to move here.  I couldn’t have predicted this place.  I was terrified, conflicted, inclined to spend days in bed trying to sleep through worry.

I’m here.  In the morning it will be the anniversary of the day I took a huge step into my future.  I moved forward, away from a mortgage I couldn’t keep up with, a job that I was really good at but an employer that cast me off.  I left a huge chunk (more than 21 years) of my life behind.  Some things I was grateful to put away, many I parted with through tears and still feel regrets about. 

On this day last year I had a conversation with the person who represented a ray of light and hope.  My fears and reticence, the huge inertia that threatened my ability to seek my future, were extremely strong.  His voice reassured me.  I did it!  He told me I could, I wasn’t sure, I was afraid, he helped me wake up and rouse the part of me that forgot that I could do anything. 

Here I am, half a continent away from the home I thought was forever two decades ago.  I’m thriving in a new role professionally and blessed in my homelife to still have that man who talked me through what was one of my darkest hours.  He still talks me through dark moments created out of worries by nothing but my mind (he calls it ferning).  He spanks me for ferning regularly. 

On August 29, 2011 I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary living this new phase of my life.  Today marks the day I spent the last night sleeping in a world that was crumbling around me.  Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day I sucked up my fears and once again trusted someone else and even my own heart once again, and it’s the day I made up my mind to live again and took irreversable steps so it could happen. 

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the day that I turned the lock, walked away, shed my last tears and got on the road.  Some trips and slips later, the man who held the light up for me is still sturdy in my world. 

This time next year?

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