Been away a while.  Several reasons for this, not the least of which is that I nuked my Mac keyboard with a diet coke spill and between uptating every expired patch/new explorer - adobe flash version etc. etc. etc ad nauseum to this old gateway, I have had barely e-mail contact for weeks.  

Lots is new, some I’ll keep to my vest for the time being others are just plain boring.  Let’s just say that the possibility that I’ll have a stable new spanking relationship in my life again is no longer a hopeless prospect.  Time and long compatibility conversations (maybe too long for some readers) is going to be something I will keep to. 

Work is very busy though I’m finding that my early political misteps are rapidly being eclipsed by glowing evaluations.  Even people I thought I’d alienated made it a point to state that my presentation was one of the best they’d ever been to.  90% of my evaluations have marked me as exceeds successful, the rest as successful - no one has marked me unsuccessful, and I’m new!  My mentor dared tell me that she believed that I was going to be one of the stronger team members she’d had the pleasure to work with.

Well that’s today… tomorrow could be another story.  As for more on point blog content, I’m so preoccupied by contact with my new friend, work and money troubles my ambition is limited.  I’ve been working on WW & some new drawings …. argh I hate unfinished projects.  Question is, which master do I put off to meet the needs of all others?

Just know I’m OK.  OK?

Love patty

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  1. George Says:

    Dear Patty;
    You have been away for a while, and I have missed you. I expect others have too. At least the news sounds partly good. Good luck w/your new partner! I think I’m jealous, but also too old and decrepit for that sort of thing. The best news seems to be from your work. Congratulations! Talent, ability and hard work sometimes do pay off. May the good news continue.

    I have been worried about you, and that won’t quit. I check in several times a week just to see, and wonder of wonders there you are! Keep working on WW. I don’t like to think about losing access to your talent. I think you are in the same class as John Benson and Mary Katherine Whitney. and they don’t seem to write any more. Maybe you are the ‘lone ranger’.Please don’t leave us!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Paul Says:

    Patty, like George I was becoming a little concerned.
    Still it’s good to know that it wasn’t illness that kept you away.
    I hope that this new possible relationship fulfills all your dreams and needs.
    I’ll read whatever you chose to post, no rush.
    Love and warm hugs, :) :) :)

  3. Danielle Says:

    Yes.. and glad to know that..;)

  4. Gretab Says:

    Gland to see an update, I was getting worried too!

  5. Maggie Says:

    So glad things are coming together for you! And so glad to see an update!!! :)

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